Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, an English professor's office, and Etsy

It's true we've done a home office in our Etsy series, but as a real live English "professor" (without the actual title of professor, since I'm neither tenured nor on my way to being tenured), I thought it would be nice to design my ideal literature scholar's office, a place where students would take me seriously and where I'd inspire them with my erudition. Or somethin'.

First, of course, you need the tweed:

image courtesy of Studio1950

Which, yes, of course, a professor could wear to look sharp and...professor-y. But she could also simply hang it on a lovely coat rack:

image courtesy of halfpintsalvage

And that tweedy professor could also hang a nicely broken-in leather satchel on her lovely coat rack. In fact, I'd argue that one is not really an English professor without a leather satchel:

image courtesy of caseyrhodes

For the walls, some literary art:

image courtesy of sophieblackall

image courtesy of kirby

"Bookshelf 36"
image courtesy of janemount

For the door, you'll need a place for students to leave messages like, "Professor Mae, I tried to turn in my paper, but you weren't here and my computer is broken so I can't email it, and I have vacation plans that I can't change (doctor's orders), so I can't turn in my paper until next week." For such messages, you might hang a very cool chalkboard:

image courtesy of halfpintsalvage

A good English professor is organized. Wait. Scratch that. Good English professors are actually very rarely organized, but I'm sure we'd LIKE to be organized. And to help with that effort are the following:

A pretty pencil cup to keep grading pens handy (you'll need many, many pens if you're as strict as I am):

image courtesy of cozycottagecreations

A vintage desk organizer so important things like your gradebook and your tea bags don't go missing on the vast wilderness of your desk:

image courtesy of hannabellamemories

Little notebooks to keep track of important tasks. The key is, you have to remember to open the notebook later and actually READ the reminders. That's the hard part:

image courtesy of theblackapple

A desk clock to keep you on time for classes. You need one that ticks. It's nice to hear a soft, rhythmic ticking while you sit and read/ruminate in your office:

image courtesy of ModishVintage

Having a place to sit is nice, too. Especially if it's a very cool-looking place to sit, like a tufted
blue chair:

image courtesy of fabulousmess

For your (large amounts of) tea and coffee, a literary mug. Poe is good because that will make students a little bit afraid of you:

image courtesy of PoesProse

If they're not too scared of you, students might ask to borrow books, in which case you'll need a bookplate to remind them the books are yours. S0 return them or else:

image courtesy of terbearco

Now all that's missing is the pipe. And perhaps a musty smell.


  1. I'm no professor, but I need both those adorable hooks and that fabulous mug!

  2. Okay - you are just too cute! I love your office already!

  3. Many things to yearn for. Think it's best I take myself to the couch with a good book and avoid the temptation of all those lovely things.

  4. I'm going to have to steal a few of your ideas! I love the idea of the Poe mug to put students a little on edge when they come in.

    Even if I never become an English professor, these things would make me feel more at home in my own "study".



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