Friday, March 12, 2010

Dolls for grown-ups

Mad Men and Mattel
. Honestly, despite the whole "these dolls are obviously not for children" thing, the match seems almost obvious. Betty Draper IS a Barbie. And the Joan doll? Glamor made plastic.

But I'm a little ashamed to admit that my first thought was about Don and the gelded Ken doll phenomemon. Surely Mattel understands that Don is no sexless Barbie boyfriend. Right? One can dream anyway...


  1. Holy cow! They really are perfect...

  2. I would love all the vintage outfits they will undoubtedly sell for these ladies and gents!

  3. I think these dolls are so fun! I just wish they gave the Joan version a little bit more of the Joan figure - yeah know? Part of the reason that she is so amazing is that she is not at all built like a Barbie doll...



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