Tuesday, March 2, 2010

russian winter

It's been too cold for too long. I'm done with the blahness of winter. I need color. Badly.

I want/need/desire more vibrancy in my wardrobe right now too. I am seriously at the point where I want to burn my beige coat and brown boots and earth tone scarfs just for the sake of seeing the color of the flames. I think that's why the top image appeals to me so much -- it's that quality of Slavic folklore meets American modern that I find inspiring. There is just a briskness and warmth in the way she is mixing colors and patterns that I so desperately want to add to my dreary winter day wardrobe.

(And does that look remind anyone else of the Russian peasant feel of Kenzo's 2009 Autumn-Winter collection? I especially adore how the children's collection was styled...)

via polyvore (created by Assol)

1 comment:

  1. Oooh... love the slavic splash of colour! great inspiration photos! ;)



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