Monday, March 29, 2010

back to blogging

I have been a very bad blogger as of late. I decided that in order to finish my dissertation this semester I was going to write like a madwoman for a month or so. Of course, this was not the brightest idea since I ended up isolating myself from everything that I actually like about my life including our little blog.

I've recently decided that it's okay to take an extra semester of graduate school in order get back to being a normal person now. And I'm so happy about this decision. I've cleaned my office, played scrabble on facebook, and am sheepishly starting to explain myself to the oh-so-patient friends who's emails and calls I've so rudely backburnered. Will they take me back? Who knows. Keep your fingers crossed. But I do so miss every day stuff like tea with my friend Ruby, going to the movies with my bf, stalking my favorite blogger, taking naps with my cats, and just being a normal person.

Anyway, in order to not get caught up in another marathon of writing/mental breakdown - I've looked into ways to better manage my time and right now I'm all about the Pomodoro Technique. Essentially, you just time yourself in order to get work done in 25 minute increments (broken up with 5 minute breaks). For some reason this system seems to be working well for me probably because I find such pleasure in making lists (manage your own time on the free And yes, indeed, you should expect to be reading posts written in 5 minute breaks between 25 minute blocks of work, but it's 5 minutes (or so... one can cheat a little after all) of time that I am so happy to finally be giving myself again...


  1. I had no idea there was a name for this! I set the timer all the time! I also use the egg timer when I'm teaching people too! Welcome Back!



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