Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thursday, a Norman Rockwell toy chest, and Etsy

canvas print of Norman Rockwell's "Marbles" via misslieze

Yesterday would have been Norman Rockwell's 116th birthday. So in his honor I thought I'd try fill a toy chest inspired by his aesthetic. With bright and simple toys, classic games, and the smallest of finds - this treasure trove of mid-century nostalgia was such a pleasure to put together...

To begin, you'd need one beautiful box:

And then lots of toys (mostly in tin, wood, and one in marble):

A true toy box also needs to be readied for moments of reading and writing:

And, of course, there must be the makings for dress-up play:


  1. Thank you so much for featuring our Beaded Floral Purse in your blog! It was quiet a popular piece and sold quickly. I don't know if you have ever made it down to Stockbridge, MA, where the Norman Rockwell Museum is, but it's a great little town and there are a ton of cool antique stores in the general area.

    The Fuzzy Lobster

  2. Best Thursday and Etsy post ever!

  3. WOW what a GREAT BLOG! And love this post ... i'm a sucker for antique toys ;)

  4. I love, love, love this post! It makes me long to discover an old toy chest in an attic somewhere filled with treasures such as these (yes, I know that's kind of a Hollywood moment, and will never actually happen). Great finds, all of them. And thanks for including my colored pencils!

  5. Vivvi, this is an amazing collection of vintage items and I'm just thrilled you've included my tin noisemaker with such a lovely standout bunch of sellers and items! WOW!

  6. Vintage crayons, hats and toys! Love this post. Thank you for including my Chicken Tin Toy photograph! I am happy to have found your blog. Lovely indeed!

  7. I definitely had a more modern version of that map growing up and The Fuzzy Duckling!

  8. Love this collection -- LOVE your blog! My newest bookmark for a daily read :)

  9. Thanks for including the Gracie Toy Box! I love your glad I found it. :)



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