Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free Valentine's Printables for the Crafty, Cheap, or Forgetful

We're all set for Valentine's Day. All of my children, already beyond my handmade-loving influence, have chosen their store-bought valentines: cute puppies and kittens (3 year old); Cherry FunDip greetings of love and hyperactivity (5-year old), and a box of (actually pretty cool) valentines that fold into paper airplanes (8 year old).

But I'm still trolling the craft blogs, admiring all of the generous free printable options for love-spreading on February 14.

And if my children won't give these to their classmates, then I'll just have to use them as valentines to my children. So there.

If you forget to (or refuse to) buy valentines for your child's class, start with this fantastic list of The Best Free Printable Valentine's Cards from AlphaMom, including these from The Black Apple:

And these vintage-style valentines from Ruffled (via How About Orange) are more grown-up:

These tasteful and lovely Valentine's Day postcards from the Alana Davis Photography Blog would be perfect to send to a friend:

Another adorable school-kid valentine: this sweet birdie printable from The Long Thread:

For Vivi, Valentine tea bag wrappers from Creature Comforts:

For the mom who wants to impress the preschool teachers with her taste and craft-savvy, printable Valentine treat bags from Twig and Thistle:

And a couple of other fabulous options whose images I couldn't use on the blog:

Cute-tastic kids Valentines from OlieBollen

and Quirky e-Valentines from Kate Spade

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  1. I'm definitely going to print those birds out!

  2. These are adorable! It makes me wish I would stop blogging and start making cards before it's too late! Thanks for sharing!



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