Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, a Hiving Birthday, and Etsy

Earlier this week, Lorelei, our fellow Hiving Out blogger, celebrated the big 35. And though I have yet to mail her birthday package (no worries though - she's used to my presents getting "lost in the mail" and taking a week longer to arrive), I think I did okay - thanks to the land o' plenty that is Etsy. After 20 odd years of exchanging gifts, I am mighty thankful for all the lovely things that I imagine Lorelei being happy to receive...

LL loves beautiful watercolor art and I bet she'd be thrilled to own any of these:

Or something to add to her children's book collection (to keep high up and away from her little ones) :

Or maybe some delicate pieces to help fill that
cabinet I know she really, really wants (if her husband is reading this then I hope you are picking up on the fact that it's YOU that I'm nudging):

And because LL's favorite color is green and every gir
l loves pretty things to wear:


  1. 'lost in the mail', huh? i'm gonna have to remember that one...

  2. Oh that Winnie the Pooh book is DARLING!

  3. So many exquisite gift ideas! It's hard to choose a favorite. Thank you for including my paintings among all of these fabulous finds!

  4. Beautiful collection of treasures! Thanks for including my posy bracelet.

  5. Thanks so much for including me on your wonderful blog!!!

  6. Wonderful selections--you can get me a birthday gift anyday! Thanks for including my Pooh book!


  7. Thanks for including everyday glory's necklace on your blog!! Appreciated!



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