Friday, February 19, 2010


I noticed that many of my favorite things for kids come from one place- eeboo. We have their wall cards and tot tower in our playroom, their growth chart in my three year old's bedroom, and I have one of their beautifully illustrated memory games tucked away for the next birthday. I am so drawn to the illustrations on all of their products and so are my children. The shared admiration is an accomplishment for eeboo, because often a company's products will be irresistible to kids... or parents- rarely both.
In my quest to learn more about eeboo, I came across a post at thehaystackneedle blog and it was a treasure trove of information. There are photographs of the company's studio (even more incredible than I imagined) and some history too. Now I'm even more in love with their stuff!
These are just a few of the fantastic things to come out of their studio.....

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