Tuesday, February 16, 2010

for our Lorelei

Yes, indeed, today is Lorelei's birthday and if it were up to her - there would be no mention of it. Therefore, in honor of her birthday and because I'm such a good friend - I'm only going to wish her a happy birthday!

There will be no writing as to what kind of incredibly supportive and generous person Lorelei is and that if I didn't have her to talk to almost every day - I'd surely be lost. There won't be mention of how she fills that role for her family too and so many of her friends (I won't even ask her friend Joan to confirm this - I won't do it!). There will be no rambling on and on about LL's wicked sense of humor, her gorgeous family, or her talents as an artist. There will be no sharing of LL stories that reveal her youthful addiction to both shoulder pads and turtlenecks (I refuse to talk of her dickey collection! That's all in the past now!) or reveal her secretly sentimental tastes (Dan Fogelberg, Seventeenth Summer, a shoebox full of notes from high school - I will not betray her with those kind of details!). Yeah, yeah, yeah - it may be her dedication that actually keeps this darn blog running and her humor and taste that makes it fun, but - whatever - she hates hearing this that kind of stuff and so I've gotta respect that.

So happy birthday, Lorelei! Hope it's a great one, but thanks for ruining it for me and keeping this post from getting all gushy and stuff... :)

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  1. Happy birthday, Lorelei! The happiest yet...

  2. I am now convinced that Lorelei is secretly a triplet...because I can't fathom how one person could be a daily confidante and life-long loyal friend to Vivi, AND also be there to listen to MY daily rants, raves, and random tidbits of life, AND be the most amazing mother to two of the most well-adjusted, happy, gorgeous children to ever walk this earth, AND manage to keep her husband permanently enamoured with her inner and outer beauty, AND, this one really gets my goad...manages to weigh less than me despite having almost half a foot on me in height! Absolutely maddening....

    Yes, I'm definitely convinced there has to be more than one of her running around being all these amazing things to so many people....

  3. Awww...thanks guys. You made me blush and made my birthday that much better :)



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