Monday, February 15, 2010

an idea

I saw this image on apartment therapy and it got me thinking how happy it would make me to see a cabinet like this filled with white porcelain sitting here in my house. I love that it has glass doors to protect the items from dust and curious children's hands and that it is not a brown wood tone or white (of course I am relatively sure I would not love the price tag). On the site folks suggested some alternative cabinets and then I had my heart set on this:

I figured I could paint it with Winter Solstice  and fill it with things like these.....

I may just have to give this idea a try.....


  1. Ooh that is pretty. I liked how the distressed it... it doesn't look like it came from Ikea. ;)

  2. This would look so beautiful and delicate. I love the idea too! Let us know how it turns out!

  3. Luv the white dishes! Sweet. If you luv this look you might try shopping vintage flea markets and I'll bet you will find something similar...

  4. Thanks for the tip- I need to start my search!



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