Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, July 4th Cook Out, and Esty

I am not a giant fan of the 4th of July holiday hoopla- the parades are always too crowded, hot, and sticky and the fireworks, though festive, have awakened one too many babies in my care for me to truly enjoy them. I do, however, LOVE cookouts....the food, drink, and feeling of a backyard party are just the best, so for this Thursday and Etsy entry I am throwing a July 4th barbecue!

Some invitations to the folks who will come in the afternoon and stay until the sky lights up:

Having chairs with comfortable pillows not only on the deck, but in the yard too, is so welcoming:
Adirondack Chair courtesy of gardenfurnituremill

Some mason jar lanterns in the trees will keep the backyard from getting too dark, with a votive lending the perfect amount of night light:

The tables will be covered in colorful stripes and later illuminated with candles in tiny glass holders:

In addition to all the hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and watermelon the crowd can handle...some cupcakes dressed for the occasion:

And because it will undoubtedly be quite hot - a whole slew of these vintage pitchers filled with lemonade - classic and the pink variety:

A few of these tubs will be scattered about as well, filled with ice and drinks for the guests:

As I have said before, I can get caught up in dressing the little ones for celebrations- charming cook out ensembles:

To keep the kids occupied while they wait anxiously for the fireworks, a backyard scavenger hunt and some sparklers!

Maybe this is the year I become a bona fide fan of the 4th- who knows, next year it could be sticky parades and crowded fireworks displays all the way!


  1. I really love the look of mason jar lanterns! Especially the blue ones. Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

  2. I ♥ this so much!! I can't wait for my backyard cookout. Thank you so much for including my outdoor pillow covers in your wonderful collection.

  3. what a gorgeous post! - i love it all, I am in Australia so we don't have 4th July celebrations, but with all those pretties from etsy i'm definitely tempted to! xx



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