Monday, June 7, 2010

City Walks

I am a strong believer in taking a walk- whether it be in the city, on the beach, with a stroller or with a pooch, holding hands or flying solo- walking is the best way to take a place in and, as a bonus, the fresh air never hurts. 

Chronicle Books puts out a series called City Walks that would please both the inexperienced and seasoned traveler. For each of the sixteen cities featured in the series, there is a deck of 50 cards and every card contains a self-guided walking tour of an area of that city. The front of the card is a detailed map and the back is filled with bits of information about where the walk takes you. 

The decks would be a great gift for folks planning trips to these destinations, but I also think picking up the deck of a city where you happen to live could be great too- there is always more out there to see and do!

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