Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canon SD1000 Powershot, I will master thee

by julielion

I've always wanted to learn how to take better pictures, but lots of things come in the way - mostly my problem with being a perfectionist. My biggest hang up has always been the fact that I have just a regular point and click camera, but that looks to no longer be a decent excuse as all of these images were taken by the same basic camera and are really fantastic (they were found and collected in this flickr pool).

The answer to all of my other photographing anxiety (I don't have a good eye, I don't know what all the options on my camera mean) is, of course -- practice, practice, practice. So one of my summer goals is to just get out there and take some darn pictures and stop stressing about how bad they might be. All I have to do now is just get off my lazy butt and find my camera...

by Lucee.


  1. I agree but there is something about the coloring and mood of these photos that you would think requires more than just pointing and clicking....love them all. Good luck in your camera work!! I'm working on it too....but with 6pixels how far will I get? ugh.

  2. Summer goal, heh? Well, I'm gonna hold you to it, and while I'm holding you to it, I just might be clickin' away with gusto right along with you. :-)



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