Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Peonies via
Weddings are on the brain- between my sister, Mae's sister, and of course, Ms. Vivi, we have been thinking about weddings quite a bit. After cruising the wedding sites and flipping through the beautifully styled magazine spreads about tying the knot, I figured I should do a post all about peonies.  

Peonies are a long time favorite of mine. I think they are perhaps the most girly of flowers, with their puffs of pillowy blossoms they look soft and delicate and fancy- just lovely all around. They are unique and interesting enough to simply stand alone or stand out in an arrangement with other florals. 

Yesterday I saw some peony clusters in the florist section of my grocery store and purchasing them was like bringing home stems of layered happiness. Flowers can do that, change your mood or your day, and peonies do it best. 


  1. Whoa. The peonies on the mantle. Make my heart MELT.

  2. ah, love. peonies are my favorite ever. these photos make me so happy.



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