Thursday, June 17, 2010

rubber stamp return

For someone who is supposedly trying to save money on her wedding, I do seem to be splurging a lot on pretty touches. For example, I've spent way too much time picking out this little extra - a rubber address stamp for my invitations.

I blame Lorelei for this new fixation since she has a lovely one that she got for her birthday from paperwink. Here are some of my favorites from that cute online boutique:

I am also crediting Lorelei with the justification of this purchase since it looks to be something I will be using on all of my correspondence long after the wedding. I just hope the phone company can appreciate the prettiness of the one I picked out from Note Trunk:

I also got this one from Note Trunk for a friend's birthday. Cute, right?:


  1. These are all pretty. I love the third one from the top!

  2. cant wait to check the site. looks cute



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