Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A show of hands?

"Elephant" (Or is it? Look carefully...)

Yesterday, due to a pretty good downpour, I lost power for about two hours. It's true that this was at about 6:30 when it was still light out and there was no threat of an extended blackout, but I still gave myself a little panic about my lack of practical candles (too many scented ones would contribute to sensory overload!) and the contents of my refrigerator (that bottle of water is in danger of being spoiled by the morn!). After collecting myself, I realized I was really only in need of two things: Monopoly and the ability to make shadow puppets. I'll soon be purchasing the game, but on my way to becoming a master of shadow puppetry - I found these amazingly painted hands or handimals. Do you think they are worth my lost time in early evening semi-darkness?

All handimal images by artist Guido Daniele

And, of course, if you are interested in hand shadow puppets, here and here are some pretty easy videos to follow and you can also find some neat how-to drawings here.

Happy Future Blackout!

image via

image from a 1956 activity book via


  1. i have always hated going to bed. it makes me sad to think i might be missing out on something cool. when i was a kid, i used to plead to my mom to let me stay up as long as possible. she never gave in. many nights i laid in bed awake fighting exhaustion and making hand puppets to entertain myself. funny... those strange little things you do when you're too young to think of anything as strange.
    ps: that owl is insane!!

  2. wow.. those are so neat! The owl is my favorite!



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