Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Inspiration in stones

Allison Arieff wrote an interesting article for the New York Times called "Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas" about Steven M. Johnson who is a jack of all things whimsical. Johnson is an inventor, urban planner, thinker outside the box, and Arieff relishes his quirkiness. She writes:

In discussing his often fantastical, sometimes silly, sometimes visionary concepts, he has said, 'If I could use two words to describe what it is that I enjoy it is that I love to be sneakily outrageous . . . [It may be that] I have decided an idea has no practical worth and would never be likely to be adopted seriously (like most of my ideas), but I like it anyway.'"

I find Johnson's work interesting and fun, but I really appreciate what his work represents and the aspects that Arieff highlights - playing with absurdity, putting on some silliness, and in the process maybe creating something divine.

I recently found knitalatte's shop on etsy and what I love love love about her photographs is that she took something familiar, like the still life, and did something odd to it - she photographed rocks. In sweaters. Sounds silly, but how cool are her pictures? The sweater patterns look like flowers, spider webs, snow flakes and with the combination of colors and patterns and juxtaposition of objects - each of these images tell such a story. I'm glad the artist thought: why not? because the discovery of these pictures makes me very happy.

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  1. Such enchanting collections amassed... and I very much like the idea of a little'searching for value in ludicrous ideas'.



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