Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tiny Worlds

Image "New York", artist whiterose243
Kitschy charm, simple cheer, dreamy wonder, even eerie beauty or dark humor - snow globes, my friends, do it all and I have no idea where to begin.
I always loved the initial frantic swirl that eventually settled into a gentle tumbling. My favorites had teeny, but complex, scenes- a sleepy town, Santa's workshop, a pond crowded with skaters. Later, I confess, a touch of glitter would catch my eye and now I am partial to a single, beautiful figure or object inside the glass.
There is something about a fixed moment that can come alive, become dynamic, with a simple shake. You can hold them, right there in your hand....tiny worlds.

Image "My World", artist PokinatchaChick

Image "100 percent chance of flurries", artist Sorcha-Reul

Image "Snow Globe Snowstorm", artist garlandcannon

For those of you who prefer your worlds a bit more cold and creepy, there are some amazing globes by artists Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz. The artists have a series of globe art entitled "Travelers". They combine reality and fantasy, explore fear and horror, address loneliness and beauty, tackle the dark and silly sides of humor, and all of this happens inside small orbs of glass.

Image "Traveler 156 at Night", artists Martin and Muñoz

The idea of creating personal snow globes, ones that capture a mood or an emotion for the individual, really interests me. I think it would be a great project for kids- to see how they would encapsulate happiness or anger or gratitude. This site has easy to follow instructions for creating homemade snow globes.

Right now I have a new very favorite. I figure I'll end with that. This is the world I'm getting lost in today.

Image "Traveler 78 at Night", artists Martin and Muñoz

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