Friday, April 3, 2009

....that girl!

I recently watched the documentary "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Leonard Cohen" which is about the legendary songwriter when he was a young dark-haired poet taking us around snowy Montreal in 1965. It's an interesting little film as a study of the "artist as a young man," but it's also great to look at.

I especially liked the young Canadian women with their thick black eyeliner that stayed put even when those made-up eyes entered into bistros and coffee shops from wet wintry streets. They reminded me of Marlo Thomas and that late 1960s sitcom "That Girl" which I loved, loved, loved when I was little.

And with Ann Marie's array of candy-colored shift dresses, her single girl apartment (especially those two little steps and platform on the inside of her front door so every time she entered her apartment - she entered onto a stage. I think Laverne and Shirley had this same "entering on a stage/platform" effect during their Hollywood years...) and her dark lashes and that black eyeliner - well, it that made being a grown-up look so darn cute.

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