Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The oldest books are still only just out to those who have not read them." - Samuel Butler

If you call the Boston area home or are just passing through, there is one spot you can not miss. At most, a bibliophile's dream come true and at the least, the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon, the New England Mobile Book Fair (http://www.nebookfair.com/) is the most extensive and unique bookstore around. It is a discount bookseller's warehouse filled with everything from current bestsellers to out-of-print treasures. The maze of a space is organized by publisher and navigating can be a challenge, but the wandering is the best part. It is the perfect place to outfit a library or classroom, find that unusual gift, or pick up your book club's latest selection. I'm partial to rooting through the children's remainder titles- there is nothing like holding your favorite picture book from the second grade again. Located in the Boston-neighboring city of Newton, the Book Fair offers titles for a minimum of 20% off of the retail price, but more importantly....it smells like your childhood library. Breathe it in.

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