Sunday, April 26, 2009

'Night Bea.

I was sad to hear that Bea Arthur passed away this weekend. I was one of those kids who spent Saturday nights watching and loving "The Golden Girls." I thought it was so funny and silly despite the fact that, even now, I'm still unpacking the double entendres. "The Golden Girls" also reminds me of my grandmother who loved the loved the fashion of Easter egg pastels and silks and scarfs and (god bless 'em) shoulder pads on shoulder pads. So classic 80s, so retiree glamorous. (I found the below as a modern take on Dorothy's style. clara_bow80 really got Dorothy down - the oversized shirts, the chunky accessories, the big and bright purses).

Dorothy, The Golden Girls

And, yes, of all the girls, I loved Bea Arthur best. I loved her as Maude, the sassy protagonist of my favorite 70s show to watch when I was home sick in elementary school (again, not getting much other than - she is so brassy and funny). And I don't need a facebook quiz to tell me, but if I could be a Golden Girl I would want to be Bea's Ms. Zbornak and I would manipulate any questions to get that result. In any role, Bea Arthur was whip smart, observant, a killer of one liners, and a woman who took it as good as she gave it (just take a peek at The Bea Arthur Quote Shrine). She was one heck of a girl and I wish we had more like her.

(both moving and hysterical - one of my favorite Dorothy moments)


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  1. Bea Arthur was the best...her biting dead pan sarcasm is the stuff that real talent is made out of...



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