Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wedding parasols

Although I have lost count of exactly how many, I have attended a fair amount of weddings. Each one had special touches that made it distinctive and though there are a few elements I saw more than once- I have never seen a wedding parasol. I have never witnessed a bride or bridal party member carry one. They have never been available to guests (even at the blazing hot Cabo beach wedding) or part of the decor at any of the ceremonies or receptions.
I always look forward to how the design of every wedding is individual and unique .....I hope I see a wedding parasol one of these days.....


  1. Really love this wedding concept..The umbrella is nice..

  2. Weddings in Louisiana often have a "second line" dance where the bride leads a line of guests as they dance around and she carries a parasol. So maybe this is bigger down south?

  3. How are these parasols hung without a curved handle?



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