Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rosemary Loves Lavender

I attended the wedding of two enthusiastic home cooks last weekend in southern Vermont. The ceremony took place at an apple orchard; the reception was in the apple packing barn. It was beautiful. Their wedding motif was rosemary and lavender, which beats any of the themes suggested in the dozens of bridal magazines I read before my own wedding (Skiing? Disney? Debauchery?). Rosemary and lavender were used as colors for the bridal party and table decorations and an image of them adorned the couple's invitation. But I was most excited about the use of real herbs. The center pieces were lovely smelling potted herbs and sprigs of lavender were placed at every napkin.

But the very best use of the herbs were the cocktails. Named after the bride and groom, each was infused with a simple syrup flavored with lavender (hers) or rosemary (his). Both drinks were spins on a Tom Collins, with a base of fresh lemon juice, gin, and club soda. The bride's drink also contained lavender simple syrup and honey (making it a little like a Bees' Knees) and the groom's had rosemary simple syrup.

Recipe for a Tom Collins

Recipe for lavender-infused simple syrup (I think you could just substitute rosemary in place of the lavender).

Here are more nice things to be done with lavender and rosemary, whether or not you're altar-bound:

Rosemary cake from

Lavender cupcakes. Recipe here.

For favors?

Lavender confetti for a well-scented farewell!

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