Monday, August 6, 2012

Say hello to Jane!

We are shaking things up a tiny bit here at Hiving Out! Jane, a dear and lovely friend, has decided to take us up on the offer and join us on these pages. We are beyond thrilled. Jane is funny, whip smart, and has some amazing taste. I'm expecting to find some great vegetarian recipes, book finds, and music from this lady. And, of course, if she doesn't work out - she also has a very crafty cool mother that we can always tap as a new blogger. Look for the occasional Jane post starting this week and here are a couple of my favorite Janes to make this one feel welcome and loved!

Jane Birkin via Height of Vintage

"Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë via The Book Cover Archive

Jane Goodall via Time

 Jane Addams (1st American woman awarded Nobel Peace Prize) via University of Ill.

 Jane Fonda via Letter to Jane

Jane Austen's "Emma" via Abbey's Bookshelf

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