Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forget Me Not

Call me, maybe?
Card from Broadway Paper via Style Hive

One of my dear friends is moving away and I thought the internet, specifically Etsy, would provide some consolation in the form of beautiful objects. Scrolling through the array of forget-me-not themed items and lockets harkening back to the turn of the last century reminded me of all of the nineteenth century cult-of-death things I encountered at the V&A in London and as a child visiting Civil War museums in my hometown of Richmond. Jewelry made from locks of hair, death masks, cameos...the Victorian era was obsessed with memory and mortality. 

By the end of my tour of all things lonely, I felt considerably comforted. Maybe because this kid has never asked for some of my hair. 

Deco forget-me-not ring from Etsy, $125

And another (also Etsy), $39

Remember not to forget me! Ring from Etsy, $18

Victorian locket from Etsy, $110

Forget-me-not cookie jar from Etsy, $125

Cameos, popularized by Queen Victoria, Etsy, $19

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  1. Such a lovely and thoughtful post, and I think there should be more friendship artifacts in circulation these days!



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