Friday, March 30, 2012

that painting from "Modern Family"

The show "Modern Family" makes me laugh- I know I am not alone there. But, have you ever stopped giggling long enough to check out the three family homes? They are each so lovely (of course not 100% realistic given that nobody ever has anything out of place and they are super duper accessorized, but I digress....) and during the recent string of reruns, I have taken to checking out the family's surroundings.

One thing I was really curious about was this painting below from the foyer of Jay and Gloria's house....
It caught my eye every time it was on the screen. Thanks to the site Chasing Props, a very cool spot that lists where you can find certain decorative items from some of your favorite television shows, I found out the artist Nathan Rohlander is responsible for the work called "Junk Food", 2002.
Sometimes it seems like the Internet can answer even the most random question, doesn't it?


  1. Wow thanka so much for that nice comment Lorelei! This is Katie from ChasingProps, and Im really glad that you like my site. Stay tuned if you like too, cause I have a forum being set up as we speak, and I think some of the artists like Nathan Rohlander will be posting there too. It would be cool if we could convince him to make a poster of this cool art huh!
    Anyway, thanks for the mention :)
    Katie (

  2. Hi Lorelei,

    I was so excited when one of my paintings was front and center in the bathroom of the Dunphy home last week 5/15/13. Gloria was snooping in the bathroom and Manny caught her. I signed a contract with them for 2 images 3 years for ago. This is the first time I saw either. The name of the piece is: "Let's Reflect". It is a watercolor painting of a Black Neck Stilt shore bird standing in turquoise blue water and it's reflection.

    Nancy LaBerge Muren

  3. I would love to buy this picture. Are there copies available???

  4. I like the Painting in Jay and Gloria's Master bedroom - the flowering tree - large painting. Does anyone know who the painter is??
    Thanks - Sage

  5. Hi Guys! I from Brazil and I wanted to know who painted the red and black picture from cam and mitchels house. You know? Tks



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