Friday, March 16, 2012

calling all patrons

My town did a survey this winter to find out what the average person thought of the library and if, as well as how, they used our public library. Over the course of the last three weeks the local paper has published a series of articles regarding the results of this survey. The articles were both inspiring and discouraging....
It was a shame to hear just how many people never use the library, but I was really impressed by the "Friends of the Library" group here in town and I fully intend to join. This is a funny sort of post- the only point is to remind everyone to use their community library. In an age of everything being at your fingertips through your home computer, libraries are severely under utilized and in danger of losing funding.
The services libraries can provide go beyond borrowing materials, most have wonderful children's programs- such as book clubs and story hours. Libraries can have museum passes available and they offer workshops and speakers open to the public. However, if there are low circulation numbers and sparse attendance, there is a danger these programs and resources could disappear.
Once upon a time, I imagine as soon as you moved somewhere and settled in, you went and got a library card- how else could you get books for yourself or your family or where else would you or your kids find information or research? Now, when a library can often be viewed as a simple spot for lending, I doubt that getting that card is nearly the priority it once was to people.
This weekend I am taking my five-year-old to get his own library card. He could not be more is a step in the right direction.

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