Wednesday, March 21, 2012

color wheel dressing

In one of my studio art classes in college, we spent weeks on the Munsell color system. I still have a lot of the projects relating to that class and, until very recently, also had the Munsell binder (which is a classic three ring job just filled with volumes of what resembles paint chips)- because all that color is just hypnotizing.
The color wheel has guided quite a few of my artistic endeavors since then and informed some of my clothing choices. Now I am no fashion plate, if I am being 100% honest, I flatlined in the fashion department long ago, but I always follow the rules of the color wheel.
The blog academichic has a cool post, Fashion 101, that talks about color relationships in fashion and making good choices.
It is a beginner's guide to mix and match :).

Images courtesy of google and academichic

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  1. I think that we can use Munsell color sestem in painting ...



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