Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer, I am so over you...

There is not a single part of me that wants to be outside anymore. Pull the curtains, crank up the air conditioning, bring me a hot tea - I want to stay indoors and pretend it's October.  I've never been a summer person, but this year I'm really over it. You could blame the multiple days of over 100 degree temperature or the fact that I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy, but whatever it is I am seriously hating summer right now. And knowing I'm not the only one makes me feel so much better....

''I enjoy being indoors. I enjoy laying on couches, snacking, and reading (watching TV). Summer sucks because it is the only season when, if I want to do this in the middle of a gorgeous day, people (my children) look at me like I'm a disgusting person. Well, guess what? It's 90 degrees out there, it's 68 degrees in here, and this episode of The Bachelorette isn't going to watch itself.'' 
Adam Scott
Parks and Recreation

''The heat makes me lethargic, so goodbye gym, goodbye waking up before noon, goodbye enthusiasm for anything. But I'd have to say the worst part of summer is swampy Spanx.'' 
Whitney Cummings

''The reason I think summer is terrible: I'm British. As a people, we cannot handle even the most moderate heat, either physically or emotionally. We were brought up believing that summer is for French people, with their outdoor lunches, sunglasses, and crunchy vegetables.''  John Oliver
The Daily Show

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