Thursday, July 7, 2011

art display

I am fortunate enough to have an artist in the family. My brother is a fantastic painter and we have a few prints (and a couple of amazing originals) we wanted to hang.

The originals, painted with acrylic on wood, are contained in frames and already look pretty amazing on the wall, but the prints were problematic in that they were not "uniform" size for mats or frames, thus required custom fitting....yikes!

The cost of custom framing is very high and though we do have prints framed in our home, I was pretty sure the price of framing the one I wanted to put up right away was not in the summertime I had to get creative.

I had seen artist sketch boards on display in the art supply store in town and in Michael's. They are usually shown with a piece, either finished or in progress, clipped on and I have always appreciated the look. It feels authentic and different to have art displayed on the working surface. I decided maybe that was the way to go for the painting above of the Powder Point Bridge.

So it is up in my house that way and I really like it. There was something about the subject matter and my brother's style of painting that fit with the sketch board display. I think this could be a great alternative to formal framing for certain pieces of art.

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