Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Move over, Lisa Frank

Sticker set and Bernadine sticker via SarahMcNeil on etsy

When I was in elementary school, collecting stickers was HUGE! Some kids had albums and albums full of all kinds of adhesive artistry, but my collection was rather modest.

The most impressive collectors always had a lot of Lisa Frank stickers. Neon colors, unicorns, hearts and rainbows galore....honestly, I was not a real fan despite the popularity of her collection (I definitely preferred the work of Mrs. Grossman's).

If they were around, I would probably have loved these sorts of stickers. They are more unique and are true illustrations. Makes me want to start up an album again.....

Stickers via myfolklover on etsy

Stickers via sweetpeaink on etsy

Stickers via hidenseek on etsy

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