Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sarah's Summer House

I have posted about designer Sarah Richardson before. I love the HGTV show Sarah's House, so it logically follows that I would be a big fan of Sarah's Summer House as well.

In this program, Richardson walks us through the renovation/redesign of her own cottage on a Canadian lake. I could imagine this premise could be completely annoying if her design ideas were not so inspiring and the creative process of both Richardson and her team were less entertaining. However, I found myself really interested in how she was going to tackle what was once her husband's all pine-planked bachelor vacation haven into a getaway for her family and guests.....I was definitely not disappointed.

All images courtesy of HGTV

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  1. I have just been watching this on this week and am Loving it. I found you today because I was searching for a photo of her kitchen. I agree she is very entertaining. One of the best shows HGTV has. Now off to check out your blog.



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