Friday, December 11, 2009

Vanessa Brantley-Newton

I recently discovered the illustrator and artist, Vanessa Brantley-Newton and adore her work so much that I had a force myself to scale back on the number of images I wanted to include in this post. She has such different styles, but what all of her images share is a warmth and joy to them that makes me want to move right in.

She is the illustrator of the "Ruby Booker" children's book series written by Derrick Barnes and her book, "Let Freedom Sing," is a must buy for me it's so beautiful (fyi: she published that book as well as the not-yet-released "Drum City" with an abbreviated name, Vanessa Newton). Thank goodness she's got a blog too, Ooh La La Design Studio, rich with works in progress, sketches, and ideas for, hopefully, many future works. Go check her out and have a great weekend!

(All illustrations are from the artist's blog, Ooh La La Design Studio.)


  1. Hello Vivi, I am so overwhelmed and very, very honored by your wonderful post. Thanks so very , very much for your very kind words. They are so comforting and encouraging as well. What a wonderful blog you have as well. It is an honor to be featured here. Drum city will be out soon so look out for it. I had such fun illustrating it. Please, please keep in touch. Thanks again,
    Vanessa Brantley- Newton aka Vanessa Newton

  2. These are gorgeous. I love the last one, especially, in my obsession with Little Red.

  3. Vannessa Newtown I think is my new favourite illustator. Her work has put an instant smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your discovery

  4. Love her illustrations... they have such a fun and vintage feel!



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