Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shakespeare In Love

I came across Shakespeare In Love the other day on television and I could not believe it has been almost a dozen years since its release. I watched it because, despite the fact I own the DVD, it had been forever since I enjoyed it. I remembered immediately why I love this movie...
Beyond the incredible costumes, sets, score, and cinematography, there is wonderful wit accompanied by downright silly humor and heart-wrenching romance.

There are really two loves involved in this film- the connection between the character William Shakespeare and his muse, Viola de Lesseps, and the love of art, of the creative process. We watch both relationships unfold and flourish throughout the film (and get the better part of a fantastic performance of Romeo and Juliet to boot). I know there was a lot of controversy surrounding this film's Oscar win, in fact I found it on numerous "least deserved" lists. That is such a shame. There were some incredible movies competing in 1998, but I still think Shakespeare in Love was deserving- a near perfect combination of humor, passion, all aspects of the arts and...love.

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