Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, A Christmas Tree, and Etsy

"satin gold sparkler, star urchin" by kissadesign

There are soooo many beautiful Christmas tree decorations to be found on Etsy that it was hard to pick things for just one post. So next Thursday Lorelei is going to be decorating her own Etsy tree while I have a go at it today.

Now, I love a busy, bright, and crowded tree. The more tinsel the better. Elegant and without broken homemade paper decorations is something I do not know. Therefore, as a challenge, I thought I'd try to decorate my dream grown up tree all vintage yellow and blue (topped, of course, with this gorgeous paper star). How lucky that I found such perfect ornaments....

First, there needs to be plenty of bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs:

"set of 9 vintage Christmas satin and glass ornaments in yellow and gold" via themerrymagpie

"one dozen vintage glass Christmas ornaments in blue, silver and gold" also via themerrymagpie

"vintage blue holiday ornaments" via ravennagirlsvintage

"vintage glass ornaments from West Germany" via stockintrade

"vintage hand painted glass Christmas ornaments" via DoNotDestroy

Now for some gold touches:

"gold wired tinsel" via caramelos

"vintage bird ornaments" via LittleEdithBee

"vintage gold star with aqua glass center" via efinegifts

"gold glitter star Christmas ornament" via SWEETKATHLEEN

"acorn and a bunch of grapes in silver and gold from West Germany" via luvintage

Even the most grown up tree needs to be peopled with some whimsy:

"vintage spun cotton snowman" via efinegifts

"vintage Santa" via AppelJar

"vintage spun cotton and gauze angel" via efinegifts (I think I want to live in this shop!)

"kitsch Santa in a blue and gold velvet circle" via 47thStreetSupplyCo

"sparkly Christmas scene ornament" by marketstoreshoppe

Some unique finishing touches:

"antique feather tree tinsel garland with Merry Christmas cigar labels" by rubyfigatelier

"vintage mercury glass bead beaded Christmas Garland" via 32NorthSupplies

"holiday postcard garland" by the talented marketstoreshoppe

And, finally, tucked away in or under the tree:

"vintage shiny brite nativity" via efinegifts


  1. ...thank you, so much, for making me aware of your lovely blog sites page about Christmas tree decorating. You sure had fun finding all the trimmings!
    Also, I'll add that you have a terrific quote from Emily Dickenson to introduce your blog!
    Jeanne ~*~ AppelJar

  2. Hi Vivi! What a gorgeous mix of Christmas. Thank you for including our garland!

  3. ahh! love!



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