Monday, December 21, 2009

the smell of oranges and cloves

by stephanie levy

Yes, indeed, a craft that I am actually capable of making...

Oranges studded with cloves is one of the simplest and sweetest smelling things and it's perfect for the holiday season. The scent is one of my all time favorites and who could resist hanging one on the tree or tossing a few in a bowl as a centerpiece? Plus, I love how they look like strange medieval weapons or ancient magical globes...

This year, because of work, I've gotten seriously behind in decorating and doing little things like this, but, friends, watch out because I have the feeling that I will be going craft crazy in 2010. And there is no question that I am going to start with these - they are the perfect touch to any hostess, house-warming, or Christmas present -- don't you think?

And if you are as craft challenged as I am, here are instructions (with illustrations!) on how to make your own. It's easy enough to do with the kids, but also something you can put your own style into it with different clove patterns or using other citrus fruits like lemons. And you can also tap into your inner Martha by incorporating ribbons or displaying your creations as wreaths or as garland.

Though, to be honest, I love the simple beauty of these clove studded oranges lounging in a bowl or just the one hanging on the tree like an ancient ornament that is still oh-so fragrant...


  1. i love the one by anna. adding the cinnamon sticks is such a nice touch.

  2. I have never heard of this idea before! That is something I will have to try.

  3. those are so pretty... and they must smell so good. i would be so tempted to eat the oranges...

  4. I've never made one, but it looks like a great activity!

  5. Amazing. I love the smell of the cloves and citrus!

  6. Their smell is so very festive, and they look beautiful too.



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