Wednesday, April 17, 2013

turning art

Described as the Netflix of the art world, TurningArt is really an opportunity to enjoy all sorts of artwork in your home. As we all know,  art for the home is not only is darn expensive in most cases. Plus, how often do you look at the painting/drawing/photography on your walls and wonder how something else might work in that space?

TurningArt has created a way for folks to obtain art for their home, changing it up as frequently as their taste changes, for a monthly fee. It sounds odd, but when you think about it- how fun to change the feel of a room whenever it pleases you. They send a frame and when you locate a piece of art you are interested in - you request it. It hangs in your home for as long as you like -and then you can request another to switch it out. Genius!

Image:  thepaintbar

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