Saturday, April 6, 2013

season 6

Season 6 of AMC's Mad Men premieres tomorrow - I feel as though the viewing masses are atwitter and I count myself among them. This past week in The Boston Globe, critic Matthew Gilbert was already singing the praises of a previewed season opener: 

"The writing of the episode, by show creator Matthew Weiner, is among the very best to be found on TV. Weiner writes like an accomplished stage dramatist, with faceted dialogue that is simultaneously simple, profound, allusive, and revelatory of character. There are countless lines that resonate in the premiere, including tossed-off comments such as when a portrait photographer tells Don “I want you to be yourself.” As if TV’s most identity-confused character could easily do that. And there are canny symbols all over the episode — a cigarette lighter, given to Don by the soldier, an ad for a Hawaiian resort, a violin — whose meanings subtly creep up on you, even after the credits roll." -Matthew Gilbert, Boston Globe April 4, 2013
Can. not. wait.


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