Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, Hiving Out, and Etsy

When we started this blog - oh about two years ago (seriously? wow) - coming up with a name for ourselves was a challenge. First, we, of course, way over thought it. We wanted something whimsical, but not too whimsical. Self-referential, but not explanatory. We also wanted a name with a pretty association. So since we wanted to think of our blog as a place where the three of us would be "hanging out" and sharing our discoveries and talking like busy bees in a beehive... we decided on, well, you get it...

The added benefit of going with "Hiving Out" was all the loveliness associated with bees, beehives, and honeycombs that we hoped would shape the look of this humble little blog. And so with that aesthetic in mind, here's a "Thursday" post with so many lovely Etsy pieces that celebrate the colors, shapes, and natural beauty found in all things bee - just in case we ever wanted to dress ourselves (or dress our homes) in the theme of our blog. :)

Buzz-worthy items that we we'd love to wear:

Honey-sweet finds for the imaginary offices of "Hiving Out" (or just the ones in our own little homes:


  1. Gorgeous finds for a gorgeous blog. Thanks for including my Honeycomb Print in such wonderful company.

  2. Love your blog, and some really great finds! Thanks for including our little purse :)



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