Tuesday, March 22, 2011

little house shadowbox

My mother has one of these house-shaped shadowboxes hanging in her home that my sister and I proceeded to fill, for the entirety of our childhood, with these little animal figurines that we were obsessed with at Hallmark. We gave her the tiny creatures in the name of her birthday or Mother's Day or Christmas, but - of course - we just loved them and loved deciding which animal deserved to "live" in specific rooms of the wooden house. My mother still has this shadowbox, with its carefully selected inhabitants, hanging up in her home and even though it's totally a little too cutesy - I kinda want one. Both for the sake of nostalgia and the fun of decorating one - I'm keeping an eye out the next time I hit the flea market. I just hope the husband can handle all the tiny glass kittens I'll probably end up filling the darn thing with..

{top, left to right: via I heart linen and via DayDream Lily
bottom, left to right: via Ask Alice and danieru_.}

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