Friday, March 25, 2011

desperately seeking

I do not know about you, but I have a list of certain things I am always looking for online. Once in awhile I will find one of them, only to lose it in a bidding war or because I spotted it too late. It is so disappointing and now I can not imagine ever actually getting my hands on one of the things from my list. I suppose everyone has a list like this or maybe I believe that because then I can seem less obsessive.

In any case, I am sharing the three things I am constantly hunting for -so if you spot one out there -drop me a line! The first is the Secret Garden CD single from Bruce Springsteen circa 1995. I covet this particular disc because the "b-side" is the most incredible live version of Thunder Road I have ever heard and because I had this cassette and promptly wore it out on my long drives back and forth to college my junior and senior years.

The second item is the book Pippa Mouse: Six Read Aloud/ Read Along Stories, 1973 by Betty Boegehold. This was my very favorite book in second grade. I think I checked it out of the library half a dozen consecutive times before my mum gently persuaded me to give another book a try. Oh, how I loved this book though- multiple stories, perfectly penciled illustrations, and a sweet mouse protagonist.

I can't believe how difficult it is to track this down ( for less than 50 dollars and in truly "good" condition), but I probably scour the Internet twice a month with my fingers crossed anyhow!
The last item is an issue of the now defunct, but always awesome, Sassy magazine from January 1990. I always thought this would be a killer gift for Vivi - we were crazy about Sassy and this particular issue is her birthday month and from the time we were most dedicated to the teen periodical. How cool would it be to find it some 21 years later?

This may be the item I would like to get my hands on the most.

So there you have it- my quest for Bruce, Pippa, and Sassy continues.....I'll keep you posted :).

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