Wednesday, August 18, 2010

“I engage in the ritual of making and reshaping stories and histories.” - Maurizio Anzeri

 "Penny" via The Saatchi Gallery

Good lord am I in love with Maurizio Anzeri's work.

His embroidery on found photography is just so incredibly jarring and mesmerizing. It reminds me of that "Moving Pictures" series that I posted about last month, the color combinations found in magic lantern slides, the "Freemotion Art" of Gillian Bates, and the patterns we all produced as kids with the aid of the "Spirograph" toy. Someone has to make me a knock-off and quick!

(Mae! I'm looking at you... your plate isn't too full to make me a half dozen of these, right? Lucky for you I'm satisfied with admiring the images of the originals anyway... :) )

 "family album" via riflemaker

"Rebecca" via The Saatchi Gallery

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  1. I love it too!!!!!!!!!


  2. Couldn't do it if I tried! These are amazing.



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