Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Night, Tiptoe

Illustrator Polly Dunbar has a series of "Tilly and Friends" books, published by Candlewick Press, that are some of the best toddler titles around. They are charming and humorous with a group of the most unique illustrated chums to come along in quite awhile. Sarah Jane over at sarahjanestudios also posted about the Tilly series not too long ago and I am so happy to see the word spreading about these books.

My favorite of the six book series is Good Night, Tiptoe. Around here we always welcome new bedtime stories, but in particular my two-year-old (a harsh critic who will simply shut the cover of a book you are reading if it does not suit her fancy) needed something different to add to our collection. Tiptoe passed with flying colors. It is the story of a stubborn, but always adorable, bunny who is just not sleepy. His bedtime shenanigans are both funny and ultimately sweet.

Books for this age group can often be too saccharine, but Dunbar balances the sweet elements of her story and illustrations so that the charm is not lost on an audience of any age. A wonderful series overall, but a stand out bedtime tale for sure.

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  1. She's such an awesome illustrator. I've never read a book she's done that I haven't liked.



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