Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sand and Sidewalk Chalk

It is the season for unique artistic mediums. I don't think much about sand and chalk in terms of  creative expression (beyond my own children's drip castles and hopscotch games of course), but this past weekend there was a sand sculpture contest at a nearby beach and reading about that got me considering sand and chalk art.
I was amazed by the sand sculptures I found online- not just the architectural wonder of the beachside palaces, but the people and animals rich with detailed expressions and unbelievable texture.

My search for sidewalk chalk art uncovered some equally impressive artistic feats. These three-dimensional renderings on sidewalks and streets are perfection in shading and perspective. It is difficult enough to draw something that looks as if it could leap off of the page, or something that draws you into the scene, on a piece of paper, never mind accomplishing that on a roadway and in such a large scale.  Neat-o stuff....


  1. Those last couple of chalk drawings are doing my head in with their funny perspective.

  2. That's amazing! There are so many people who can create beautiful works of art.



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