Friday, July 16, 2010

Date? Saved.

{lots more postal prettiness to be found on that tumblr too}

Slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of this wedding planning thing.

The reason is because I've learned to "delegate" as my mother would say, but I am not ashamed to admit that what I'm really doing is pawning things off on my loved ones.

Case and point: the Save the Date cards (which, thank goodness, we've finally sent off). My future Mister* designed the postcard, found an affordable printer, and patiently dealt with me when I gave him useful critiques like - But is it too orange? And then we have my lovely friend Ruby who addressed these beauties with her graceful handwriting and dealt with sending out all of the last minute ones I forgot about.

Anyway, thanks to my wedding team (and eBay for the stamps) I was so happy with our Save the Date cards that I couldn't help but photograph the crap out of them in all their bright and mismatched glory...

The photo shoot was, however, interrupted by my one true love (a certain green-eyed cat) as her jealousy sent the cards scattering before she then decided to take a nap on them. Little did she know that her actions just made the postcards more perfect... after all, who doesn't love to receive mail with little bits of cat hair stuck under vintage postage?

*Sorry to steal your blog's term of endearment for your man, Celia. It's pretty perfect, but I promise to come up with my own soon... unless, of course, you have any suggestions?? Hey now - that's an idea...

Dear readers,

Can I delegate that responsibility of nicknaming my husband-to-be for use in the blog - to you?

I've been referring to him as BF ("the boyfriend") thus far, but that's only going to work for so long (until November - to be exact). Plus, "BF" as a nickname technically doesn't even work anymore since we had to go and got all French and fianc├ęd....

Anyway, any and all suggestions to nickname my man would be appreciated and carefully considered.



  1. OHGOD, are your colors blue and orange? because i will most certainly die of happiness if they are!

    the olive oil/popeye theme is GENIUS.

    finding names for the boys is *so* hard, isn't it? honestly, i wouldn't mind at all if you stuck with "mister". sometimes i wish i would have thought of something more clever, but changing it now just seems silly. maybe if you have a nickname for him, you can call him that. some nicknames are amazing. my friends, kristie and erin, call each other BOB. how hilarious is that? or, his initials? i don't know... i'm feeling pretty useless at this game.


    p.s. hooray for november! you know that's my birthday month, right?

  2. They look fantastic in the photos too! The pictures with the stamps are especially awesome.

    Sadly, the heatwave has drained my reserve of "clever" and I have no suggestions for a title for your Mister BF....I will get back to you when it cools off!



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