Thursday, July 1, 2010

a day at the zoo

This year for my dad's birthday the kids were giving him the gift of a trip to the zoo. They are very excited at the prospect of a day at the zoo with Pop. I knew my dad would love this as well and I set to work figuring out how to present it to him. We don't buy the tickets in advance (we actually take advantage of the local library pass for some of us), so I did not have one to slip into a card. The kids are a bit young to create an artistic rendering of the present, but I really wanted something they could give to him at his party because they are always so excited to give gifts......and then I had an idea. 

I went to Michael's and picked up a white box and a baby elephant - the plastic toy variety, of course. I dug through some supplies at home and found blue raffia, a ticket, and some rub on lettering sheets. Put it all together and they had their gift for Pop! 

P.S. My oldest did wind up drawing a picture of a zoo in the card he gave to my dad.....who promptly said he just loved the "dog with a birthday cake"! Luckily, his mistake was only met with peals of laughter and not hurt toddler feelings....I was glad we had put this gift together for clarification ;).


  1. ok, this is the most adorable idea. love it. might have to steal it for my kids or my husband. perfect!!

  2. Very cute! We're giving my dad a night at a minor league baseball game for his birthday, so we may have to steal your idea, too!



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