Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy for the Happy 101 Blog Award!

We are so flattered to have been tagged by Valerie of the lovely cabin + cub for a Happy 101 Blog Award! That makes us very happy. It also encourages us to dig deep into our rain-soaked souls and come up with our own list of things that make us smile (though coming up with 10 blogs that make us happy was a breeze - there are so many great ones!)

So here are the official rules:
"List 10 things that make up happy, tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you then link back to our blog and create your list of things that make you happy."

And because we refused to be penned in by anyone's "rules" (or simply because there are 3 of us at Hiving Out), we'll be modifying the rules slightly for ourselves so each of us can share 5 bits of personal happiness and 5 inspiring blogs. Hope that's okay. :)

5 things that make Mae happy:

1. Being lunch mom for 22 earnest kindergarteners twice a month (any more frequently and this might not make my list)
2. Neko Case's song "This Tornado Loves You"
3. Buttons
4. Handmade valentines
5. Decidedly non-literary audiobooks

5 things that make Vivi happy:

1. The smell of my cat's stinky post nap breath when she yawns in my face
2. cowl necks
3. The fact that my bf knows how to make my tea exactly how I like it and knows when to make it exactly when I need it
4. a big fat crackling fire in the fireplace
5. my 4 year old nephew's fondness (and persistent demand) for family hugs

5 Things that make Lorelei happy:

1. Drizzle
2. When my kids get lost in play with each other (and there is no bickering and/or tattling)
3. Getting to the point in a drawing where it really starts to look as I intended/imagined
4. Funyuns
5. Reruns of "Remington Steele"

And now for the blogs:
(All of these blogs are amazing must reads, but here are the 5 each of us has selected as sources of happy reading.)

For Mae:
1. Junior Society
2. sugar city journal
3. katie did journal
4. How About Orange
5. In My Shoes

For Vivi:
1. life according to celia
2. Smile and Wave
3. The City Sage
4. Her Name Was Lola
5. alice b. gardens

For Lorelei:
1. elephantine
2. Little Green Notebook
3. Theodesign blog
4. oh, hello friend
5. Stickers and Stuff


  1. Cute blog! I had to follow when I read that you are a Northerner living in NC because I am from Canada and living NC.

  2. hi, this is so cute and fun and I am going to join in the fun soon, I PROMISE, thanks for including me!!!!



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