Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ceramics artist Claire Prenton is one of those incredibly talented creators who encourages you to peek at her inspiration and process. I love the fact that alongside the amazing gallery and background information on her website she actually includes a link titled "Inspiration".

After clicking on this, I was even more impressed with her work. She shares the collections that inform and motivate her, the sketchbook where she works through her ideas and designs, and even a flickr photo stream of what speaks to her. I think these design sheets and photographed collections are already pieces of art, but just think..... it is simply the beginning.


  1. These are amazing. I love the butterfly one especially.

  2. Wow.. those are all so gorgeous and inspirational! They are like pieces of art. ;)

  3. LOVE this. but of course, i am a little bit obsessed with collections :)


  4. These babies are way, way cool! i just love each one! Such inspiration just takes ones breathe away for sure! What a fabulously delicious post!

  5. I really admire people who have a beautiful art process that manifests into their work.

    My ideas come out nowhere as gorgeous.



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