Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday, the #1 new year's resolution, and Etsy

"Skinny Love" (8x10 print) by Subject2Change

In case you're wondering what the most popular New Year's resolutions are - keeps a list of the top promises we make to ourselves. They are all there: money management, exercising, getting a better job, and giving up those pesky vices of alcohol and cigarettes. The biggest is, of course, losing weight and that's where this Thursday post means to step in.

Here are just a few Etsy finds meant to let you embrace the word "skinny" without actually having to extract your sweet tooth or deny yourself the pleasure of french fries. With these items you'll be considered "thin" while maintaining your already lovely form. So go ahead - get yourself a muffin and then visit with these Etsy items...

Oh, what thin fingers you have!


  1. Delightful skinny things! If inly losing weight is that easy.

    I heart the mushroom ring. Too cute!

  2. people who give up french fries are obviously cuckoo.

  3. One has to love a woman who dares to love her own figure. Nice skinny choices.
    dahlila :-)



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