Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We at Hiving Out are what you may call Etsy-obsessed. We don't know how we shopped, decorated our homes, or gave each other gifts before its existence. And we love the fact that it has not only introduced us to so many amazingly talented artists and artisans, but that it's such a great and supportive forum for those same artists to build a community, support one another, and get the attention they deserve.

That being said, we also love Etsy because without it there would be no Regretsy.

Want a scarf made out of the hair your pet sheds? Or, perhaps, seeds to a money tree? Or maybe some woolen eyeglasses to keep the area around your eyes warm? Seems as if Regretsy has 'em all! There are all sorts of real (but slightly goofy) Etsy crafts culled for your amusement.


  1. Yokoo is the quintessential artist, both revered and ridiculed...you just gotta love her! :D



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